We look at three enterprising Arab business leaders making their presence in sectors such as technology, food and beverages and consultancy services. To read more, click here: https://bit.ly/3MCKlT9 | Mohammed Sh. Al-Rashidi | One Global | Business Incorporation Zone |

1. Mohammed Al-Rashidi
Founder and executive chairman, One Global Group
Sector: Fintech

Al-Rashidi is the founder of Kuwait-based One Global group, which was set up in 2004. His focus on creating disruptive tech has resulted in multiple ventures that serve diverse industries. The company has a presence in more than 20 countries. Al-Rashidi, who is passionate about digital transformation, has a fintech-related patent registered in the US and other countries. Al-Rashidi has won numerous accolades, including the Digital Transformation Leader of the Year at Fintech Galaxy’s 2019 FinX Awards and the Outstanding Leadership Award 2022 at the Money 2.0 Conference.